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Rich Stedman

Art By Rich

Mitchell, SD


Artist Statement of Rich Stedman:

My art career started in the photography field in 1974. Ansel Adams had a profound effect on the direction my photography. Ansels\' fine art, large format black and white prints was the style I tried to emulate. After many years, I started to become interested in hand coloring black and white prints. The process of hand coloring is similar to painting with oil, however the shadows and highlights were not as variable as I would have liked. Always in the back of my mind, I thought I would like to paint some day. In August 1994, I participated in an Oil Workshop at the Oscar Howe Art Center. At the end of the daylong workshop, I had an oil painting that was surprisingly presentable. Since then I have read many \"how to books\", studied numerous videos and tried many techniques. In 1996, I decided to try watercolor and have fallen in love with that medium. I hope you enjoy your stay and I would love to hear from you.


Blue Heron Nesting by Rich Stedman


Ripe and Ready to Eat by Rich Stedman


World's Only Corn Palace 2017-18 by Rich Stedman


A Balanced Meal by Rich Stedman


Hay Stack Rock by Rich Stedman


Beach Huts by Rich Stedman


Theodore Tanager by Rich Stedman


The Three Amigos by Rich Stedman


Christopher Cardinal by Rich Stedman


Ripe for the Eating by Rich Stedman


18th Hole Pebble Beach 2 by Rich Stedman


End of a Perfect Day by Rich Stedman


Brant Point by Rich Stedman


A Healthy Breakfast. by Rich Stedman


Roaring River by Rich Stedman


Sunny Day Cattails by Rich Stedman


Emerald Lake by Rich Stedman


Alsville by Rich Stedman


Proud Rooster by Rich Stedman


Silver Creek Canyon by Rich Stedman


Back Alley New Mexico by Rich Stedman


Memories of Vail by Rich Stedman


Foggy Morning by Rich Stedman


Seal Rock by Rich Stedman


Rocky Mountain High by Rich Stedman


Rocky Mountain Stream by Rich Stedman


Praise by Haiti Missions


Catch of the Day by Haiti Missions


Splash by Haiti Missions


Sunrise in Haiti by Haiti Missions


Many hands make the load lighter by Haiti Missions


Deserted by Rich Stedman


Golden Stream by Rich Stedman


Up Up and Away by Rich Stedman


The Color of Fall by Rich Stedman


Tatanka Hills by Haiti Missions


Branching Out by Haiti Missions


LaJolla Morning by Haiti Missions


LaJolla Calif Coast by Haiti Missions


Kihei Coast by Haiti Missions


Little House on the Prairie by Haiti Missions


Icicle Art by Haiti Missions


Afternoon Reflections by Haiti Missions


North Dakota Sunset by Haiti Missions


Vancouver Coastline by Haiti Missions


My Private Tree by Haiti Missions


Glass Lake by Haiti Missions


Sunset on Lake Mitchell by Haiti Missions